Kenyan Treasures: Wild Wonders in Mara Sopa Lodge

Kenyan Treasures: Wild Wonders in Mara Sopa Lodge

The air is buzzing; a tangible, enthusiastic zest that accompanies the beginning of a journey sets in. Not only is the landscape around the camp in Mara National Park donning its lush emerald-green dress, the camp itself, is looking utterly gorgeous in the Kenyan sun.

For safari purists’ accustomed to rustic thatch and wood this is something completely different! Yet the combination of chic, modern architecture and warm old-fashioned hospitality won me over in no time at all.

Straw-hat season in the Mara is exceptionally easy on the eye. Despite not getting as much rain as usual this year, the bush is beautifully green with puddled roads and natural pools spilling across the landscape and creating mirrors for the most beautiful sunsets. The only thing missing is the large herds of elephant, which, with water aplenty, disperse into the woodlands, on this specific occasion, they were present.

Amboseli is the most upmarket of the many Wilderness Camps that comprise the Maasai Mara, all within hectares of private concession. The camp looks over a beautiful waterhole vista which attracts plains game like wildebeest, impala and sable pursued by lion, cheetah and wild dog, all sighted close to camps, which is perfect for a week-long stay.

One thing that the Mara promises during the mid-seasons is that the wildlife will be abundant and the scenery, overwhelmingly beautiful; At this time of year the birdlife is unbelievable. It’s lush, green and vibrant and with all the plains game you never know what you’ll see around the corner. The wildlife in camp is pretty remarkable and provides memorably special sightings.

Another highlight of the Mara is the friendliness of the staff and the knowledge and experience of the guides. They come from experienced backgrounds having guided in many game parks up to as far as the Serengeti (Tanzania) as well as in South Luangwa (Zambia) bringing a lot of experience to the team. As guides , they are ambassadors for our country as well as for our company and we would like the world to know what Kenya has to offer and that we have wonderful national parks and wonderful
people working together to take care of them.

We’re still learning bits and pieces about the camp itself, which is really exciting. For the staff it’s exciting as well as for guests coming in – to come to a place and test it out and be part of its hopefully long history” – Management

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